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Real World: Witness Protection



Audience Input

Past professions for all actors in the "house."


Modeled after “The Real World,” each actor is individually assigned a previous profession of a life they’ve lived before moving into the Real World house. The catch is, one of the actors in the house is secretly an assassin trying to find their target. However, the only thing the assassin knows is the previous profession of their target. Throughout the game, all actors will drop hints about their past life and work through whatever activities happen in the house. The game ends when the assassin finds their target and is able to dispose of them. This game can be short, like “Party Quirks” or can be a longer game with cut-aways, commentary, and other elements borrowed from “The Real World.” Actors are highly encouraged to set-up relationships, alliances, and enemies throughout the game. Those relationships might ultimately save their life!

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