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Center Piece



Audience Input:

Ideas for four scenes.


Four players, A, B, C, and D, each pick one corner of the stage, and player E stands in the center. The host gets a suggestion for a scene from the audience and assigns it to players A, B, and E on the front of the stage. The host then says “pan right” and everyone rotates clockwise on the stage. Then the host gets another suggestion and players B, C, and E have a separate, new scene together. Rotate right again, new suggestion, and players C, D, and E have a separate scene together. Rotate right one more time, new suggestion, and players D, A, and E have a separate scene together. Throughout the game, the host will be rotating between these four scenes by either calling “pan right,” known as clockwise, or “pan left,” known as counterclockwise. Each time the scenes are revisited after rotating, the players can pick up right where they left off or go hours, months, or years into the future. Player E has to remember all of the scenes, in addition to their characters in each scene.

Center Piece
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