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Chain Death Murder



Audience Input:

Who was murdered, where the murder occurred, and the weapon used


This is a timed guessing game. One actor remains on stage, the other three leave the room.
The first actor is given the three audience prompts - the who, where, and the what.
The second actor is brought into the room. Actor 1 then has one minute to wordlessly pantomime the three items. Once Actor 2 believes they understand what the Actor 1 is pantomiming, they clap to signal Actor 1 to move on to the next item.
When Actor 2 believes they know all three items, or when time runs out, Actor 2 uses the murder weapon to murder Actor 1.
Actor 3 then arrives. The same process occurs, where Actor 2 pantomimes the three items. This time, they only have 30 seconds to do so. Actor 2 then dies at Actor 3’s hands.
Finally, Actor 4 arrives on the scene. Actor 3 pantomimes the three items, with only 15 seconds total. Once Time has expired, all Actors are resurrected. Beginning with Actor 4, the Host asks the actors to tell the audience the three items. Work backward from Actor 4 until the item is correctly identified.

Chain Death Murder
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