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No Evil



Audience Input:

Scene suggestion


Six actors are put into teams of two and then split up around the stage. One team of two takes center stage and prepares to act out a scene that will be suggested by the audience. The second team comes off stage and faces the audience and is unable to watch the scene as it plays out but they can hear it. The final team stands to the side of the stage and may watch, but they must wear headphones to prevent them from hearing anything.

The first team gets a suggestion from the audience and then performs a scene until it's conclusion. Then, the next team, those that could hear but not see, takes the stage and they try to preform the exact same scene without prior knowledge of the physicality that last team had. Finally, the last team takes the stage having seen the scene play out twice physically but hearing nothing, and they must try to recreate the scene based on only the physical actions of the other actors, filling in the narratives gaps with their best ideas.

No Evil
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