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Audience Input:

Suggestions for a mystery to be solved: The Case of the Missing _________


Two actors play characters, a detective and a person with a problem, while the other two actors portray the characters’ inner monologue. The scene begins with the first character entering the office of the detective. When the actor enters the dialogue begins with the detective’s inner monologue saying something about the character entering the scene. Example: “From the moment she walked in I could tell she was trouble. Her legs quivered and she was twitching like she had narrowly escaped a pursuer.” The detective then speaks a brief line of dialogue attempting to incorporate all the details spoken by the inner monologue. Next, the inner monologue of the other character speaks before that character gives a line of dialogue. As the scene goes on, the pattern is always, Inner Monologue one, Character one, Inner Monologue two, Character two.

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