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Waiter, Waiter



Audience Input:

Traits of the worst people to date (real life experiences welcome.)


In this game, two actors are on a date and a third actor is their server. One of the actors on the date is sent out of the room while the audience assigns a good trait for a date, (example: gives money to charity, rescues puppies, builds homes for the homeless) and a negative trait (example: was arrested for public urination, stole their roommate’s mail, believe the earth is flat). Once the traits are assigned that actor leaves the room and new traits are assigned to the other actor. The waiter knows both traits for both actors. During the scene the actors on the date try to boast about their achievements without making them obvious, while the waiter enters the scene at various intervals to drop hints about the negative traits. At the end of the scene, the actors decide if there will be a second date based on what they’ve learned.

Waiter, Waiter
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