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Words of Power



Audience Input:

Suggestions for actions for the actors to take when words are spoken


This is a scene game in which one actor is sent out of the room while the other actors in the scene are assigned special actions that they will do whenever certain words are spoken by the actor who isn't currently in the room. Ideally, the words chosen will be likely spoken frequently during the scene related to the action. Other options include some common words such as, "okay," "yes," or one of the actors' names. If you really want to be mean you could choose the word, "um!" Actions could involve something physical for an obvious reaction, narrative, to change the scene, or anything else.

Once all actors have an action and a word, the actor outside of the room is brought back in and all the actors perform the scene. Any time the select actor uses a trigger word the corresponding actor performs that action immediately.

Words of Power
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